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IATUL 2022 Program & Handbook

Thumbnail IATUL Miami 2022 Program and Handbook
Exhibition Hall is in the Pavilion: All sessions take place in Lakeside Village venues: Paper Session Themes:
Monday 0900 through 1730
Tuesday 0900 through 1730
Wednesday 0900 through 1200
Pavilion (registration, exhibits, breaks, lunches)
Expo Center (keynote, plenary presentations, and paper and poster presentations)
Breezeway (welcome function, farewell reception)
CLR (Changing Landscape of Research)
TTL (Trends in Teaching and Learning)
SP (Space Planning)
WOC (Workplace and Organizational Culture)


1200 – 1700 IATUL Board Meeting [Board Members Only] Otto G. Richter Library Conference Room
1730 – 1900 Conference Registration and Welcome Function Lakeside Village Breezeway
0800 – 0830 Registration (all day) and Breakfast (0800 – 0830) Pavilion
0830 – 0920 Opening session / Welcoming remarks Expo Center
0930 – 1030 KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Clifford Lynch Expo Center
1030 – 1045 Morning Break Pavilion
1045 – 1200 Paper Session 1 - CLR (Chair – Lars Egeland)

(Canada) H. Cunningham and C. Kim, University of Toronto: Weaving Open Dialogue using Canada’s Open Science Roadmap Framework

(USA) ) Z. J. Fu, L. Juhasz, J. Krefft, D. Ter-Ghazaryan, and B. Guan, Florida International University: Library-Based Data Curation, Management and Interdisciplinary Research at Florida International University: Reciprocal Use of Data through Collaboration

(Germany) R. Kallenborn and T. Froehler, Technical University of Munich: Towards a New Era of Journal Publishing: The Coalition of Diamond Open Access Publishing (COAP)

Expo Center
1200 – 1300 Lunch Break Pavilion
1300 – 1350 Posters Presentations (Chair – Kimberly Loper)

(USA) A. Brillat, L. Fralinger and V. Rodriguez, University of Miami: Library Research & Adobe Scholars: Lifelong Learning through Mentoring

(Belgium) F.G.A. Brodkom, Catholic University of Louvain: EPICo European Print Initiatives Collaboration and the 7th Kuopio Conference (September 2022, Vienna)

(Uruguay) A. Díaz Costoff and A.R. Botana, Universidad de la República: The academic library as meeting space: story time for the recreational room of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UdelaR-UY)

(USA) S.J. Hammill, Florida International University: Zooming into Breakout Rooms for Engaging Library Instruction Sessions

(USA) S.J. Hammill, Florida International University: Weaving the Libraries Future beyond Traditional Activities

(UAE) K. Jones, A. Ross, J. Lusk, and V. Lecat, American University of Sharjah: Faculty OA perceptions - a quantitative analysis

(USA) C.V. Martoni, Georgia State University and J. Boyle, University at Albany, State University of New York: So You Want to Talk About Race During a Pandemic? Constructive Dialogue During Trying Times

(USA) B.M. Sorondo, University of Miami and C.M. Jimenez and S.J. Hammill, Florida International University: Zoomed Out? How Burnout was Associated with Affect, Personality, and Job Satisfaction Among Library Employees During the Pandemic

(Slovakia) Z. Stozicka, M. Habrmanova, S. Sofianos, M. Harvat, J. Dobbersteinova, and J. Dzivak, Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information: Citizen Science education in Slovak research library: case study from Central Europe

(Poland) M. Szuflita-Żurawska and P. Krajewski, Gdańsk University of Technology: Creating Polish Working Group of the Data Stewardship Competence Centers Implementation Network (DSCC-IN PL) by the Gdansk University of Technology Library as an example of the community of practice building

Expo Center
1400 – 1515 Paper Session 2 – TTL (Chair – Rita Cauce)

(Qatar) T. Usova, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar: Careers Library: unconventional collaboration to boost learning

(USA) K. Rowan and A. Gonzalez, Florida International University: Decolonizing your library: metadata that empowers

(Germany) M. Plank and B. Beutnagel, Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (TIB) Digital fluency for Open Educational Resources: The active role of libraries in establishing OER in Germany's higher education sector

Expo Center
1515 – 1530 Afternoon Break Pavilion
1530 – 1620 KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Joan Lippincott Expo Center
1630 – 1745 Paper Session 3 – WOC (Chair – Donna Bourne-Tyson)

(USA) N. Romanosky, Ohio University (Main Campus): Reckoning with Organizational Identity and Innovation in Research Libraries

(New Zealand) C.L. Moselen, University of Auckland: Learning from the past to guide the future: partnership in practice

(Philippines) C.M. Abrigo, De La Salle University Manila and E.M. Torres, De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, Philippines: Change-readiness scale for library managers: development and analysis

Expo Center
1845 – 2130 Evening Reception (sponsored by UM Libraries) Kislak Center at the University of Miami
0800 – 0830 Registration (all day) and Breakfast (0800 – 0830) Pavilion
0830 – 0920 KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Trevor Dawes Expo Center
0920 – 0935 Morning Break Pavilion
0935 – 1050 Paper Session 4 – CLR (Chair – Kara Jones)

(Finland) J. Rantasaari, Turku University Library (Finland): Doctoral Students' Research Data Management Competencies Based on the Quality of Their Data Management Plans

(Slovakia) J. Dobbersteinova and J. Dzivak, National Research Library: Role and Opportunity of Library in the context of Open Science

(USA) R. Julian and N. Ruhs, Florida State University: Advancing Open Science at Florida State University Libraries

Expo Center
1100 – 1200 IATUL Annual General Meeting Expo Center
1200 – 1300 Lunch Break Pavilion
1300 – 1430 Paper Session 5 – SP (Chair – Gerda Winkler)

(USA) M. Crumpton, University of North Carolina, Greensboro: Anatomy of a Renovation

SIG SPACE – Interactive session (1037) K.E. Miller, University of Miami: Current and Emerging Space Priorities in University Libraries Across the Globe: An Interactive, Participatory Session with the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Library Space

Expo Center
1430 – 1445 Afternoon Break Pavilion
1445 – 1545 KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Hilary Hanahoe Expo Center
1545 – 1700 Paper Session 6 – WOC (Chair – Donna Bourne-Tyson )

(Canada) V. Lewis, McMaster University: Supporting the Academic Library Workforce: Updates from the Canadian Association of Research Libraries

(USA) WOC V.I. Minson and L. Spears, University of Florida: Developing an Assessment Program: From Zero to Sixty

(Belgium) F.G.A. Brodkom, Catholic University of Louvain: Out of the Darkness: how can librarians' skills help us to change our organization?

Expo Center
1830 - Gala Dinner (hosted by FIU Libraries) Donna E. Shalala Student Center, UM
0800 – 0900 Registration (0800 – 1200) and Breakfast (0800 – 0900) Pavilion
0900 – 1015 Paper Session 7 – CLR (Chair – Gerda Winkler)

(Germany) S. Auer, Leibniz University Hannover and I. Sens, M. Stocker, L. Vogt, and A. Lorenz, TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology: University Libraries and the Open Research Knowledge Graph

(Czech Republic) K. Paulová, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague: Tools against predators? Transparency, education, and the courage to speak up

(USA) P. Smith, University of Florida: Developing socio-technical collaborations to promote GLP, RCR, and RDM at the University of Florida

Expo Center
1015 – 1030 Morning Break Pavilion
1030 – 1145 Paper Session 8 – WOC (Chair – Lars Egeland)

(Nigeria) A. Basiru, Redeemer’s University (RUN): Linking Mentoring with Research Productivity: A Survey of Academic Librarians in Nigerian Private Universities

(USA) J.E. Pitts, Carnegie Mellon University: Transforming the Library Workforce: Leveraging Pandemic Practices to Build Back Better

(USA) L. Wharton and D. Soper, Florida State University: Rethinking Organizational Structures to Support Digital Innovation

Expo Center
1145 – 1200 Box lunches available for pick-up Pavilion
1230 – 2000 Study Tour and Dinner:
Hospitality & Tourism Management
FIU Biscayne Bay Campus
Bus Departs: 1230 | Returns: 1945
Study Tour and Dinner:
Hurricane Simulation Lab
UM Virginia Key Campus
Bus Departs: 1400 | Returns: 1945
Personal study tour
Dinner on your own (ask for advice)
0800 – 0845 Registration (all day) and Breakfast (0800 – 0845) Pavilion
0845 – 0945 KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Nizar Ladak Expo Center
0945 – 1000 Morning Break Pavilion
1000 – 1030 SIG Programming Expo Center
1040 – 1200 Rosario Lozada, FIU Law School
"Mindfulness and Well-Being Practices for Transformative Leadership"
Expo Center
1200 – 1300 Lunch Break Pavilion
1300 – 1350 KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Elaina Norlin Expo Center
1400 – 1515 Paper Session 9 – WOC (Chair – Donna Bourne-Tyson)

(USA) L. Fralinger and S. Baydoun, University of Miami: Community Outreach and Engagement in a Time of Crisis: The Peer Research Consultants Program

(Botswana) A.A. Lebele and G.P. Leswadula, Botswana International University of Science and Technology: A marriage in community of people, workflows and practices: How Covid-19 pandemic propelled a blending of Inter-Library Loans and Reference Desk services at the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST)

(USA) M. Waller and C. Lee, University of Virginia: The Future of Flexible Work and Hybrid Work Culture Beyond Covid-19: Challenges, Opportunities and Lessons Learned at UVA Library

Expo Center
1515 - 1530 Afternoon Break Pavilion
1530 - 1645 Paper Session 10 – Mixed Topics (Chair – Chuck Eckman)

(USA) TTL X. Pang, University of Florida, and P. Glatthaar, Florida Gulf Coast University: Controlled Digital Lending, Equitable Access to Knowledge and Future Library Services Expo Center

(USA) K.E. Miller, V. Spika, and S. Rogers, University of Miami: Fostering Community Health and Well-Being through the Development of a Mindfulness Program and Meditation Space at the University of Miami Libraries

(UAE) CLR K. Jones, American University of Sharjah: University rankings called to account – library voices in the conversation

Expo Center
1700 – 1745 Closing Presentation Expo Center
1745 – 1915 Farewell Reception Lakeside Village Breezeway