Travel Preparation

Health Information for In-Person Conference Attendees

IATUL2022 recommends that participants be fully vaccinated, including the latest booster shots, to ensure the health and safety of all guests. An alternative option is for participants to test negative prior to the conference.

While masks are not required in the conference venues on the University of Miami campus, they are helpful in preventing infection and are needed in certain circumstances (see this message for more details). Masks will be in every registrant’s welcome bag and available at the registration desk.

Should you exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 during the conference we can provide testing resources and, if staying on campus in the Lakeside Village, isolation alternatives. Every registrant will receive a COVID-19 self-test kit in their welcome bag.

COVID testing sites for international travelers

For the latest guidelines regarding COVID on our campuses:

In case of any health issue:

  • If it is an emergency, dial 911. Doctors Hospital is adjacent to the Coral Gables campus;
  • If it is not an emergency, you can walk to the Lennar Medical Center, a short distance from the conference venue.

We urge international travelers to arrange travel insurance that includes health care coverage (including COVID-19 treatment).

Some tips for attendees:

We are excited to welcome you to Miami, a vibrant and exciting city! Our city has a lot to offer, so you will have plenty to occupy your free time, and the conference itself will provide many opportunities for learning, discussing, and synthesizing new ideas!

As you make your travel plans, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your stay in Miami is as positive and rewarding as possible. For those familiar with climatology, Miami has a tropical monsoon climate according to the Köppen Climate Classification system. This means that we have warm, dry winters, and hot, wet summers. Temperatures during summer range from the mid 80s-90s°F (29-35°C), generally with high levels of humidity and rainfall. Because of this, we rely on air conditioning indoors to keep temperatures comfortable. Often, however, indoor settings can be somewhat cool, so we encourage you to bring a sweater or jacket so you aren't cold. Additionally, due to our climate, most conferences are fairly casual in terms of dress code—there is no need to dress formally unless doing so makes you feel more comfortable! The same goes for the gala dinner. We certainly want you to wear whatever makes you happy, but please don't feel obligated to wear anything formal.

Summer in Florida means swift weather changes. A sunny day can often bring an unexpected rain shower which in turn can end in a half hour or less. To be ready for such weather, please consider bringing shoes that won't be ruined by these conditions. Rain means mud, so be conscientious when choosing footwear. To help with the situation, we are providing umbrellas in each attendee's registration packet.

Another thing to remember is that the entire east coast of the United States experiences "hurricane season" from June through November. While hurricanes are most common in August, meteorologists are always monitoring the Atlantic Ocean during hurricane season to ensure the safety of visitors and residents. Conference organizers will keep you updated on any potential threats, but please focus on the terrific presentations, networking events, and cultural experiences you're about to have!